The Eighth Tomato

  by smwhitver
, a photo by smwhitver on Flickr.

Somehow, every year, I have a volunteer tomato growing out of my compost bin.

This always amazes me. I wonder how the composted matter is not to rich for the little plant. I wonder how it finds the hole in the side of the bin, and if it has had to travel far to get to the sunlight.

Usually, I weed it out before it gets to big. It makes the bin difficult to move and I can’t really get a cage around the plant. But this year I have decided to let it go. If it has found a way to grow, I will let it grow. It gets watered by my sprinkler each day along with my seven other tomatoes and my various other garden plants. It is a cage free tomato. I have no idea what variety it is- we had so many lovely tomatoes from the farmers market last year, and it could be any of them!!!

I noticed a few blossoms yesterday, which means in a short while I will see the fruit. I am so curious!

3 Responses to “The Eighth Tomato”

  1. 1 Mom

    I appears to be a happy, snappy tomato!!!

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